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How To Get Rid Of Common Stains At Home

Most of us have at least once got upset over having a stain spoil our favourite clothes. We always hope that expensive detergents and dry-cleaning can get rid of stubborn stains and bring our clothes back to life. 

However, most of us can find some amazing stain removal items at home, some of which applied to such stains can remove them without any hassle. In fact, it is amazing how simple such home stain removal process and its ingredients can be. So, let's take a look at the most common stains and their do-it-yourself removal methods.


There are several methods of such stain removal. The simplest one is applying some salt on the stain, moistening it, leaving it there for a while, and washing it off.

Another option to remove such stains is rubbing them with the mixture of vinegar and spirit mixed in equal proportion.

Finally, coffee or cocoa stains on silk or wool fabrics can be removed using warm glycerine. Just apply some glycerine on a cotton wool and clean the stain with it. You wash it off in a quarter of an hour with the water adding some more glycerine dissolved in it.

On washable clothes, the lipstick stain can be removed using hairspray. Just spray the affected area with hairspray and let it set for a minute or two, before wiping it off with a clean white cloth. 

Another easy way to get rid of lipstick stains is to use toothpaste, Just apply a dab on the stain and use your fingers to gently rub the cloth and rinse with cold water. You might have to try this a few times to get rid of the stain completely. 

On wool or silk, you can use a masking or scotch tape to get rid of lipstick stain. Just put a piece of tape on the stain and smoothen it out, the jerk it off, this process is similar to using hot wax to get rid of unwanted body hair.


Soak the stained fabric in white vinegar and brush the stain with an old, clean toothbrush. At that point pop the piece of clothing in the clothes washer with a natural detergent. White vinegar is appropriate for both white and hued garments.


Such stains, whether they are fresh or old, have to be cleaned only by cold water. Old blood stains can be soaked in cold water with some liquid ammonia.

Blood stains on white fabrics can be removed with hydrogen peroxide. If the stain would not come off after such treatment, you may wash it with hydrogen peroxide and borax.


While the stain is still fresh, extend the clothing over a bowl until rigid. From a reasonable height, pour boiling water in a smooth, constant flow over the stained area. This ought to expel the majority of the stain. 

Submerge the stained part of the texture in a bowl of white vinegar. Apple juice vinegar likewise functions admirably, however it might leave your texture with a yellow tinge.


The best way to get rid of wine stains is through an application of the following mixture: glycerine and liquid ammonia mixed in equal parts. This mixture can be used for any kind of fabrics.


Coloured fabrics sweat stains can be removed by applying gasoline or acetone on them. Most apparent white or light colour fabrics sweat stains can be removed by applying a salt solution to them.

The listed above stain removal methods seem to be quite simple, but they are no less effective than detergent stain cleaning while being less expensive than other cleaning means.

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